Important Factors You Need to Know Before Purchasing an Axle Scale

Axle scales are the most convenient option when it comes to weighing truck loads. These are very cost-friendly and easy to store as well as maintain. These scales individually measure the weight of each axle of the loaded trucks, then display the whole weight of the truck summing up the weight on each axle. Axle scales are said to deliver the most accurate weights, which is why many businesses heavily rely on using them, as compared to other truck scales. These axle-weighing systems are available in different sizes according to their demands as well as operational needs. In this blog, we are going to enlighten you about the important factors you need to know before purchasing an axle scale.

Things To Know Before Purchasing Axle Scales

These axle scales, provide the ultimate performance with their portable sizes and accuracy as compared to those huge and heavy weighbridge scales, but there are some things that you should know about them before deciding to buy them as investing in truck scales is not a child’s play and requires proper knowledge as well as understanding about the specific functions of each type of scales. Let's dive in and learn about the key factors to know before buying axle scales.


Many of us test electronic objects or machinery before buying them from the shop, in the same way before purchasing an axle scale one thing is important to consider, that is the scale should be pre-calibrated before we start using it. Pre-calibration ensures that the scale is performing properly and delivering precise measurements of weights. It also verifies that all the part cables, as well as the load cells, are working properly without any underlying defects. Do not buy axle scales without properly calibrating them before making a buying decision.

Accuracy In Weighing

Accuracy lies at the core of every weighing scale. Axle scales are no exception. When buying an axle scale, check out its accuracy and precision. Accuracy in weighing pertains to adequate performance preventing wastage of resources as well as overloading. It also means that the weighing instrument must give accurate and consistent measurements in a specified range of weight. The scales should comply with all the legal requirements. Accurate weight measurements are essential to ensure compliance, promote fair trade, and achieve operational effectiveness. Companies heavily rely on and trust the accuracy of these axle scales, and that is why they give them more priority over other truck scale counterparts.

Load Capacity

It is important to know the maximum capacity of weight the axle scales can handle. Although these scales come in different sizes, it is important to choose the size that can handle the capacity of the weight you need to measure before the transportation of resources. Depending on different industries and applications, numerous weight capacities are mandated. Make sure that the size you select corresponds with your operation’s maximum load. Frequent overloading can damage the axle scale as well as the load cells permanently. Therefore, it would be prudent to choose a scale slightly bigger than normal loads, to cater for irregularities that may arise. Moreover, verify the load rating in each axle position to get a more evenly distributed weight thus avoiding overloads.


An authorized truck scale manufacturer never sells axle scales without certification. Every authentic truck scale is NTEP-certified (National Type Evaluation Program). This certificate makes the scale legal for purchase and operations. An NTEP-certified axle scale also pertains to accurate measurements as well as compliance with the state laws of transportation and logistics. This certification is a sign of the authenticity of the truck scale as well as its suitability for usage. Consider purchasing truck axle scales which are NTEP-certified only.

Robust Build

Durability and accuracy together define an axle scale. An axle scale that has a robust built quality can survive with ease even in the most challenging scenarios. Industrial settings are usually notorious for rough weather conditions and hence require strong and sturdy built scales. Check if the build quality of the axle weighbridge can withstand external elements like extreme temperature, humidity, and exposure to harsh chemicals. Corrosion resistance and structural strength are some of the major properties that make stainless steel and heavy-duty axle pads a popular choice. In addition, a robustly built axle scale does not deteriorate during heavy usage, reducing the chances of frequent breakdowns and repair costs. Always opt for axle scales that have a tough build quality which can last you for a lifetime, and do not get damaged with heavy utilization. 

Easy To Install And Relocate

The practicality of the axle scale may depend greatly on its ease of portability and how easy and fast it is to install. Determine if the scale is meant for permanent installation or will have to be relocated to various sites. For many businesses that need to move frequently from one place to another, weighing points change regularly in some applications and portable axle scales allow users to move their scale around wherever needed. However, portable axle scales are best suited for operations that do not require using these scales frequently with heavy loads as these are not built to constantly endure heavy load weighing. Fixed axle scales are more beneficial for heavy usage as these require permanent installation which offers more stability as well as durability, rather than the portable ones. Fixed axle scales come equipped with a very strong build quality and can endure heavy loads with ease. These scales are made for frequent rough usage and can serve for a long time, delivering accuracy in performance.

Latest Technology

Technological advancement has tremendously increased the power of axle scales. Check for aspects like digital displays, data collection, and connection options while making your comparisons. Modern-day axle scales have gone a step further offering wireless connectivity through which real-time data is sent to central servers and systems. It simplifies keeping records and enables smooth interfacing with other operational processes like the warehouse management system or supply chain software. Choosing an axle scale equipped with the latest technological standards will improve productivity as well as increase efficiency in daily business operations also helping you in saving extra costs.

Battery Operated

If you require to be on the move frequently and require a portable axle scale, it is important to check the power source of the same. Many axle scales operate with the help of batteries which will provide more flexibility in using them in remote areas anytime you might need to measure the weight of the resources. It is important for you to check the energy consumption when sourced with batteries as more consumption means you will need to replace the batteries frequently, which will add up more expenses. However, battery-operated axle scales might generate less power than when plugged into a power supply but they do not compromise on the accuracy of weight measurement.

Less Complicated

Choose axle scales that are less complicated and easy to use. Businesses opting for axle scales look for a more instant weight measurement solution instead of using big and heavy weighbridges which take more time to board the weighbridge and calculate weights. The software interface of the axle scale should be user-friendly for you to use it with ease and obtain readings instantly without any hassle.

These are some of the main things you need to know as well as keep in mind before choosing an ideal axle scale for your business. Remember to buy axle scales from a trusted and reputed manufacturer that offers an NTEP-certified truck scale. Always make sure to buy a pre-calibrated axle scale for assured accuracy in measurement, as well as detection of any underlying problem in the scale. In the case of fixed axle scale look for scales that are packed with a durable built quality, which is weather as well as corrosion proof. This will ensure performance in the long run. An axle scale equipped with the latest technology will be the cherry on the cake for you as it will ensure more accuracy offering real-time data on the screens, and also allowing you to manage data associated with the supply of resources.