Axle Scales

Axle Scales are a less expensive option than a full-size truck scale. It is important to point out that the Axle Scale is NOT Legal for Trade. They are most useful in determining axle weights to ensure the loaded truck is a legal weight for the Highway DOT. They can also be used by an owner to determine the general weights of a commodity. For commercial, Legal for Trade Weighing, the truck scale must be NTEP approved, and certified by the respective State Weights and Measures, and the platform or weighbridge MUST be long enough to weigh the entire truck with all axles on the scale at the same time. Apollo Scales makes axle scales that are built tough to last you for a lifetime. Our products reflect high quality and durability with top-of-the-line accuracy. Apollo Scales can make axle scales in standard lengths of 10, 15, or 20 feet. We can also make any custom length as per your requirements.

In addition to our own Axle Scales, we also sell Portable Axle Scales that have a low profile similar to what is standard used by many different States’ DOT for spot weighing. These scales are mostly portable which makes them easy to transport from one place to another. These are more convenient for businesses with regular transit as they come with a portable battery, which enables them to be used without a power source. These offer more instant truck axle weights, which is why businesses with more transport operations love these scales. Do not doubt the accuracy of these scales, they are known to give very precise output and are therefore reliable. Apollo Scales is at your disposal to deliver the best quality portable axle scales.

Apollo Scales are the most reliable truck scale manufacturers, and all our axle and portable axle scales are NTEP certified which makes them approved and trusted for use. All our scales come with a guarantee, and we sell scales that are properly calibrated. We also provide timely after-sales services. Our truck scales are built to last and perform precisely delivering the most accurate output for your business to weigh and transport without having to worry about any errors. If you are looking for top-quality axle scales from a trusted manufacturer, then Apollo Scale is the perfect choice for you.

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Fixed Axle Scales

  • Load Capacity: 200000 lb
  • Material type: MS, alloy steel
  • No of Section: 2 to 8
  • “R” Factor: 2.94 to 5

  • Brand: Apollo
  • Size: Available on Various Size.
  • MOQ: 01 Piece

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy axle scales from a reputed and reliable manufacturer such as Apollo Scales. Apollo Scales has been manufacturing top-quality truck scales for more than 20 years and has built trust with excellent services.

Axle scales can be installed by any individual, but it is best advised to be installed by trained professionals only, Apollo Scales offers installation services, which are done by experienced professionals, who are proficient in doing a clean and error-free installation of your axle scales.

It depends on the type of axle scale you want to purchase for your business requirements. Portable truck scales are the most budget-friendly as they have a portable size and therefore, do not need much time and effort for setup and installation. Whereas bigger axle scales are priced according to their length and built material. The price of Portable Axle Scales starts from $2,800 and Axle Scale starts from $7000, depending on the length you require.

The best and top-quality axle scales are found at Apollo Scales Ltd., which is a family-owned company and has been making truck scales for more than 20 years. Our years of experience in this industry and excellent services have earned us goodwill in the market and we are the most reliable company to purchase axle scales from. Our truck scales are NTEP-certified, and we sell calibrated and verified products only.

The truck scale manufacturer company is responsible for calibrating axle scales. We Apollo Scales sell pre-calibrated axle scales to our clients, and we make sure to provide timely repairs and re-calibration services to our clients to ensure that their axle scales are running smoothly and accurately. We want our customers to get the best in class services from us and that is why we work tirelessly for their satisfaction.

Axle scales come in two different types, that is portable axle scale and fixed axle scale. ‘Portable’ as the name suggests is differentiated by their ability to be moved from one place to another and is very cost-effective as well, these scales are not for constant heavy usage but continue to deliver durable and precision-based performance. Fixed axle scales are generally integrated into the ground, they are fixed which is why they cannot be moved. This type of axle scale is mostly used by businesses that have proper space to accommodate truck scales. Fixed axle scales find their place in mining, construction, farming, etc. industries as they are used constantly on a regular basis.