Axle Scales



Axle Scales are an lessor cost option than a full size truck scale. It is important to point out that Axle Scale are NOT Legal for Trade. They are most useful in determining axle weights to insure the loaded truck is a legal weight for the Highway DOT. They can also be used by an owner to determine general weights of a commodity. For commercial, Legal for Trade Weighing, the truck scale must be NTEP approved, certified by the respective State Weights and Measures, and the platform or weighbridge MUST be long enough to weigh the entire truck with all axles on the scale at the same time. Apollo Scales can make axle scales in standard lengths of 10, 15, or 20 feet. We can also make any custom length you want.

In addition to our own Axle Scales, we also sell Portable Axle Scales that our low profile similar to what is standard used by many different States’ DOT for spot weighing. Give us a call at 888-394-5006 and we will discuss what type of scale would best fit your needs.

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