Truck Scale Installation

Truck Scale Installation

Years of expertise among our team of experts in truck scale installation have helped us provide the best services to our customers. We are aware that there are numerous factors to take into account while installing a truck scale, and that only a specialist with extensive experience should attempt the task.

Factors to Consider During Truck Scale Installation

Considering application needs

Examine the physical characteristics of your location and the types of certified weight scales that are needed.

Site Study

It is critical to thoroughly investigate the region of all subsurface and above-ground services before truck-scale installation. Water, sewer, gas, and electricity, for example, can all have an impact on where you find your scale.

Local Project Approval

Local government permission is required for development codes, electrical codes, drafting grants, truck scale rentals, and so on.

Length and Width Prerequisites

Make sure the length and breadth you select will fit all vehicles and will be semi-scale, with wheelbase factors being primarily taken into account.

Security Issues

Place the truck scale away from any likely gatherings of people because security considerations are always taken into account.

The Apollo Zeus Model Truck Scale Model

Installing a truck scale in a new area and letting it sell itself is one of Apollo's main sales strategies. In Huron, a small agricultural enterprise, in the eastern portion of South Dakota, an Apollo Zeus 80'x14' was installed. It didn't take long for Apollo to start getting more questions about the Apollo Zeus model from people in that area.

As a result, our truck scale product significantly expanded within a constrained area. Take a look at the locations of the extra Apollo Zeus scales in the neighborhood below. That is just one illustration of how Apollo Zeus affected a broad spectrum and left its mark on the weighing sector. They contacted Apollo Scales by phone. Call (888-394-5006) and you may discover for yourself why these consumers came to the conclusion that Apollo Scales and the Apollo Zeus truck scale are Made to Last a Lifetime.