Truck Scale Installation

Truck Scale Installation

Our group of expert truck scale installation professionals have years of experience, and it is that experience that has enabled us to serve our clients best. We understand that while installing a truck scale, there are many variables that must be considered, and only a specialist with immense experience can take on the undertaking.

Factors to Consider During Truck Scale Installation

  • Considering application needs

Assess the physical aspects of your site and the kinds of certified weight scales required.

  • Site study

It is essential to completely study the area of all underground and above-ground services. For example, water, sewer, gas, and electricity can influence where you find your scale.

  • Local project approval

It is mandatory to obtain approval from local authorities regarding development codes, electrical codes, drafting grants, truck scale rentals, and so forth.

  • Length and width prerequisites

Ensure you are choosing a length and width that will suit all vehicles and will reach the semi-scale, with wheelbase aspects being essentially considered.

  • Security issues

Security issues are always taken into account, so make sure that you don't place the truck scale where there are probably going to be any people around.

The Apollo Zeus Model is the Truck Scale

One of Apollo's primary method for sales is to install a truck scale in a new territory and let the truck scale sell itself. An Apollo Zeus 80'x14' was installed in Huron at a local agriculture business, located in the eastern part of South Dakota. It did not take long for Apollo to receive additional inquiries from within that region about the Apollo Zeus model. The result was a great expansion of our truck scale product within a small radius. Look below at the additional Apollo Zeus scales in the area and their locations. That is just one example of how Apollo Zeus has impacted a general area and made its mark in the weighing industry. These buyers called Apollo Scales. Make the the call (888-394-5006) and you too can see why these customers realized Apollo Scales and the Apollo Zeus truck scale are Built to Last a Lifetime.

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