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Apollo Scales are the most trusted truck scales manufacturer and it because the Apollo Zeus certified truck scales use monstrous W24 x 117 lb/ft side rail beams. At 24 inches high, the principal shaft spines are 12.8 inches wide and.850 inches thick, with a web that is.550 inches thick. Our closest competition uses the same W24 side rail beam, but weighs substantially less at only 76 lbs./foot and with 8.9 inch wide flanges that are .68 inches thick with a 20% narrower web at only .440 inches thick. Apollo Zeus vehicle weight scales main beams are joined by heavy W8 cross-member beams.

This connection is completed by using grade 8 bolts on an 8"x8"x3/4" steel plate welded to the cross member ends to achieve the 100,000 lb. heavy duty truck scale for sale engineered design connection. These plates on the cross members have then bolted to the main weighbridge beams. The same way our Interstate Highways build their bridges is the same way our Apollo Zeus weighbridge is built. Our highway bridge design doubles as a security side rail 18 inches above the concrete steel deck for added driver safety.

Introducing the Heaviest Certified Weight Scales

As far as the truck scale installation is concerned, Apollo Zeus' main beams do not have to be notched out to accommodate our Swing and Roll mounting system, therefore maintaining the weigh bridge strength and integrity. Some of our commercial truck scale competitors do so to compensate for unusually large mounting systems which also results in low weigh bridge clearance making cleaning beneath the scale nearly impossible. Our heavy side rail beam weighing solutions and their strength make our truck scales durable which is why we offer a 10 year weigh bridge warranty for our truck weighing scale. The Apollo Zeus is designed to survive the competition.

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