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ApolloScales Semi Scales - Accurate and Reliable Weighing Solutions.

Welcome to ApolloScales, a premier supplier of top-notch semi-truck scales for a variety of industries. To satisfy the various weighing requirements of enterprises, our selection of semi-scales combines precision measurement, user-friendly interfaces, robust construction, and flexible functionality. ApolloScales is the ideal solution for semi-truck scale needs whether you are in industrial weighing, warehouse management, manufacturing, or food processing.

Features of ApolloScales Semi Scales

Our semi-truck scales have remarkable features that help with accurate and timely weighing chores. Our scales have high-precision measurement capabilities, so you can count on them to consistently give accurate weight readings. The intuitive user interfaces provide simplicity of use, enabling your staff to quickly adapt and make efficient use of the semi-truck scale. Additionally, the robust design guarantees lifespan even in harsh locations, and the flexible functionality meets a variety of weighing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are different factors that you need to consider before buying a semi-truck scale:

Requirement: The first thing you need to understand is, your business’s requirements on a daily basis. Whether you need a portable scale or a fixed scale. If you do not have a large enough space to accommodate a fixed scale and need to move around portable semi-truck scales might be the right option for you.

Calibrated: The next thing you need to consider is whether your scales are pre-calibrated or not. Apollo Scales sells pre-calibrated and properly tested truck weighing scales only.

Size: Determining the size of the scale you require is very important before making a purchase, a scale that can handle the size of the truck and trailer with the capacity of loads that you measure on a daily basis should be preferred.

Accuracy: Accuracy is the most important factor in the domain of truck scales make sure that the truck scales you purchase provide enough data for the accuracy and smooth operation of your business activities.

Material: Always think about the material of scales that you might need. If you are looking for a more durable scale than concrete semi-truck scales might be a perfect choice. If you are looking for a scale that needs lower maintenance than the concrete counterpart and has less chance of corrosion due to moisture and water, then a stainless-steel semi-truck scale is the best choice for you.

The necessary steps to install a semi-truck scale are:

Space allocation: Look for a proper sit and flat surface that can accommodate a semi-truck scale.

Power Supply Availability: Check for availability of power supply in your preferred site of installation.

Placement And Setup: It is time for you to place the semi-truck scale and assemble it.

Wiring and cable connection: Connect all the wires and don’t forget to connect to the power supply.

Software Installation: Install the software on the system for operating the instrument and acquiring data.

Testing and Calibration: Place a known weight on the semi-truck scale to check if it is working properly and measuring accurately, before putting it to use.

We at Apollo Scales are here to install your new semi-truck scales and we will guide you through the entire procedure and teach you to operate and use certain functions that will add to your advantage.

Apollo Scales is here to help you ship your semi-truck scale. We have a team of experts who will transport the product to your preferred location. In case we are unable to deliver to your location, we will assist you in getting a good transportation service that will ship to your area.

Yes, you will need a permit from your local authorities to install a concrete semi-truck scale.