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truck scales

The fundamental details of Truck weighing scales.

Whether you're moving a big load of finished goods or unprocessed materials, it's critical to note the exact weight. Manufacturing companies are currently integrating and automating their truck scales for scale yard efficiency, measurement precision, and operational profitability. By utilizing integration services, your business may fully take advantage of best-in-class weighing technology with a specially designed, comprehensive truck scale system. Truck scale rental systems can include a variety of features, including an unattended design, in/out weighing capability, bidirectional weighing capabilities, integrated process control devices, and fully customized data management options.

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Devices for Integrated Process Control in Truck Scale Systems

Any of the following features can be added to your truck scale rental system:


Camera systems can be used to conduct legal-for-trade weights without an on-site weighmaster if municipalities approve of them. License plate data-capture devices can be used in conjunction with camera systems to track trucks around the scale yard.


It is possible to automate weighing procedures and control how vehicles enter and leave the truck scales yard by combining the use of vehicle sensing, photo sensors, induction loops, and other technologies.


Using remote displays that may be customized to convey scale weight, drivers can be given directions while standing on the scale or in the scale yard. Whether a weighmaster is present or not, drivers can be led through the weighting process by specialized programming.


Gates can be used in conjunction with remote displays and vehicle sensing technology to control truck traffic in the scale yard.


On single platform truck scales near me, truck drivers frequently attempt to manually record axle weights; however, this method is time-consuming and produces inaccurate weights. Multi-platform truck scales near me allow for the simultaneous recording of axle weights. Photo sensors can be used in conjunction with remote displays to ensure that truck drivers accurately record axle weights on each platform and expedite the weighing process.

For managing construction loads, a precise weighing system like truck scales is necessary because it directly impacts the productivity and profitability of your company. In order to achieve a variety of configurations, from light to big capacity applications, in the dynamic operational environment of a construction operation, truck scales nearby are needed. Industry standards for everything connected to truck scanners and scales, from onboard scales to rail scales, are provided by truck scale manufacturers. Systems for weighing portable trucks have a lot of advantages due to their durability and lightweight. These truck scales have a steel-deck scale that can weigh practically any type of vehicle. As you go from one construction site to the next, setting up at numerous locations is made simple by portable truck scales.

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Survivor OTR Steel Deck Truck Scale

Time is money and no business would prefer a long downtime required for a truck scale installation. Survivor OTR Steel Deck truck scales are here to save your installation time, these scales are guaranteed to be operational within a day.

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Survivor ATV Truck Scales

With Survivor ATV Truck Scales, it will be the last truck scale you will ever invest in. These scales contain all the key features of other truck scales in the Survivor series, durability, longevity, and consistency, all of these coupled with portability. ATV truck scale is all you need for your truckload measurement.

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Survivor OTR Concrete Deck Truck Scales

These tough-build OTR Concrete decks are made to survive the toughest situations. Our Survivor OTR Concrete deck truck scales are built to federal bridge standards. The full six-inch thick reinforced concrete deck of the OTR encases hundreds of 3/4-inch.

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Survivor SR Truck Scale

Apollo Scales brings to you the most durable and trusted series of truck scales, we call it the ‘Survivor Series.’ These truck scales have a rough and tough build quality which is assured to last you for a lifetime. Survivor SR Truck Scales come in both steel and concrete decks.

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