Heavy Duty Truck Scale for Sale

All Apollo NTEP-certified heavy duty truck scales for sale include a 10-year guarantee. Our guarantee showcases our trust that we have in the strength of our vehicle scales. It is because of the quality of our scales that we are proud to say that Apollo's substantial truck scales have never faced any weight scale disasters with any Apollo Zeus model scale.

These NTEP certified truck scales are available in various sizes, shapes, and for various weights to fulfill different needs of customers, be it for farm usage or enormous weight load applications at weight stations.

What is NTEP?

NTEP, also known as the National Type Evaluation Program, was created by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Weights and Measures division. The NTEP committee creates and implements the rules and regulations and processes to acquire NTEP certificates for related weighing equipment and instruments.

A thing to remember here is that truck scales that have a certificate meet the requirements of NTEP and have been tried and tested by an NTEP-certified testing facility. This implies that the equipment can be utilized in any state where NTEP confirmation is required (46 states).

Why Do We Need an NTEP Certified Heavy Duty Scale for Sale?

Although the requirement varies from state to state, it is said that NTEP-certified commercial truck scales are expected where consumers buy products sold to them by weight. The scale being utilized is expected to meet NTEP standards for use in this specific application.

The motivation behind the NTEP certificate is to affirm to both the truck scale manufacturers and the customer that the vehicle scales for sale meet the requirements expected to give a dependable measure of weight. This is beneficial for both suppliers and customers. It keeps the truck scales installations being done correctly so that trucks are under-weighted or over-weighed, which can cause serious damage and mishaps.

Oversight is commonly kept up at the state level by each state's Weighs and Measures association. It is normal for NTEP-certified heavy duty truck scales for sale to be registered with the state where they are utilized in legal-for-trade applications. Legal-for-trade is the name given to scales that are utilized for commercial purposes, and this is the way these NTEP-certified scales are referred to.

Where could you use NTEP Certified Truck Scale Rentals?

Whenever a buyer wants to buy a truck scale or truck scale rentals, they will consider purchasing an NTEP-certified scale. Even though not all states comply with this certification, wherever it is mandatory, nobody should overlook this. While assisting clients, it is recommended that it is ideal to be ready rather than be surprised with their questions. Many states have divisions that will perform investigations to confirm that all weighing equipment is in tune with the NTEP approval where it is required.

Assuming a customer bought one without a certificate, they'll be compelled to buy one that is compliant with the NTEP. Thus, it becomes an unwanted expense. Certified truck scales manufacturers have both NTEP and non-NTEP confirmed models and the difference in their cost is generally small. So just to save some cash, purchase NTEP certified scales.

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