What are pit scales?

Pit scales also known as in-ground scales are integrated into the earth's surface. These are fixed truck scales which means they cannot be relocated to any other place once installed. They are widely used across industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and logistics. These truck scales are the most preferred by companies in these industries, due to the stability, accuracy, and durability of these heavy-load weighing instruments. Companies that have a huge space for accommodation, always prefer installing and using pit scales due to their reliability. Accuracy and longevity define a pit scale. Pit scales can never be obsolete, and they have been used for many years and are still manufactured and bought with new and advanced technological upgrades and features for more precision.

Define pit scales.

Pit scales are installed by digging a deep pit underground. Pit scales are huge in size and need to be integrated underground so that the deck of these scales stays on the surface of the ground. Load cells are placed in the pit and above them comes the deck, which is the platform on which loads are placed to get accurate weight measurements. The pit and durable build quality of the scales themselves make them reliable to bear heavy loads such as trucks, trailers, goods/materials, heavy machinery, etc. The size of the deck of the pit scale is such that it can easily accommodate the whole truck with the trailer, once the whole load is accommodated on the deck, the load cells are compressed, and weight readings are obtained according to the pressure on the load cells. Companies have been using pit scales for generations and still prefer their applicability because of precise weight measurements, their reliability, and durability to serve for a lifetime. Pit Scales were and are the most widely used truck weighing scales in the world.

Pit scales have remained an important instrument for many years. These scales are widely known as in-ground scales. These are special scales that have found their application in different fields of the economy, where huge amounts of materials are measured. Pit Scales are the most classic truck load measuring instruments, they still continue to be valid and widely used weighing scales in today’s industries. Companies prefer these scales due to their stability in measuring heavy loads, and they are the most reliable when compared to their other weighing counterparts. Businesses that have a large facility and more loads to weigh on a regular basis opt for pit scales only.

The Evolution of Pit Scales

These instruments are here in today’s generation in their most upgraded form. The concept of Pit Scales is not modern and has been around for centuries as a commonly used weighing scale. The idea of pit scales dates back to the primitive balance scales that were used early in various civilizations. The first weighing instruments were platforms supported by beams with the balance load compensated by the known weights. Pitches’ design is based on this simple rule.

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How Do Pit Scales Work?

As industries developed and became more advanced demanding greater efficiency in measurement, the need for better and compact weighing systems became prevalent and were used reliably. Pit scales were intended to be installed in a pit dug into the ground making it easy to load and offload heavy bulky items. These scales give accurate readings about the loads, which makes them trustworthy for businesses that require them to operate smoothly.

These instruments are huge in size. A pit is dug where compression load cells are placed and above them comes the deck or the platform on which trucks and trailers are accommodated in order to measure and give accurate readings. These scales are large enough, that trucks and trailers can easily fit in the deck area. Then Load cells get compressed due to the heavy weight of the truck and trailer, which displays the readings of the latter according to the pressure of the weight on the cells.

Benefits Of Choosing Pit Scales

Weighing is very important in order for the smooth functioning of businesses that belong to manufacturing, construction, agriculture, transportation logistics, etc. Pit scales help in accurate weight measurements, and adhering to rules and regulations that restrict overloading. Companies have numerous benefits of using pit scales:


Pit scales are said to be the most reliable truck weighing scales as they give accurate readings of the heavy objects placed on them. These scales function with the help of load cells, which are instruments that get compressed due to the load on them, and output numbers according to their compression.


These scales are very sturdy and do not wobble no matter how much weight you place on them. They are very heavy and are placed into a deep dug pit which helps to maintain their stability, creating a perfect platform for trucks and their loads to accommodate them for measurement.


Pit Scales are made to survive for a long time. They are famously tough and rugged. Tough by nature, made for roughness. One of the factors that have made them relevant is their long life. They are used rapidly on a daily basis taking heavy loads that might fail any measuring instrument. But pit scales are durable and can easily survive no matter how frequently or roughly they are used.

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