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We at Apollo Scales manufacture truck scales that are equipped with the latest hardware and innovative software. Who developed these latest semi truck scales? We have the biggest and most experienced team of experts who offer world-class services 24/7. As an industry leader, we take pride in our ability to offer calibration services on high-accuracy hardware. Apart from producing the scales, they have experience in helping our customers with services for sales, truck scale alignment, and repairs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce high-quality truck scales for sale for agriculture, construction, mining, commercial retail, and recycling fields at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a staple name that is automatically associated with producing vehicle weight scales that contribute towards businesses becoming more efficient and profitable.

What are Truck Scales?

A truck scale or railroad scale is an enormous arrangement of scales, typically mounted for good on a substantial foundation, that is utilized to weigh whole rail or street vehicles and their items. By gauging the vehicle both empty and when stacked, the amount conveyed by the vehicle can be determined.

Apolloscales offers farmers a wide range of heavy duty truck scales for sale that includes semi scales. These truck scales for sale help small scale farmers and heavy-duty industrial users as well.

Commercial truck scales by Apollo Scales

Apollo Scales manufactures commercial truck scales with advanced technologies for numerous ventures, including transportation, farming, substances, research centers, total, waste, reusing, and mining applications. Our heavy duty vehicle scales for sale have been produced with the latest innovations to meet the various truck scale needs of our customers. These truck scales are known for producing accurate results no matter the size of the vehicle and are known for enduring the worst climatic situations. These truck scales are long-lasting and require low maintenance. This is why our client base has diversified and keeps on growing.

Today, a great many organizations across the globe depend on Apollo Scale for their calibration needs. We are certified truck scale manufacturers that produce superior vehicle scales that can be altered to meet your business needs. Our roster includes scales like Portable Truck Scales, Pit-Type Truck Scales, Mechanical Truck Scales, as well as Low Profile Axle Scales and PT 300 Series Wheel Weighers, among many others.


Apollo Scales’ Trusted Vehicle Scales

There are organizations that need the most reliable and solid truck scale frameworks to guarantee that their business is both effective and productive. In many cases, truck scales are vital parts of an organization's output and profitability. For them, Apollo Scales’ exclusively integrated truck scales and weighbridge scale frameworks offer a wide range of high-quality choices and the most cutting-edge innovation available.

Apollo Scale truck scales are available to be purchased and are available in various setups to fulfil the needs of different customers, from light use at a farm to outrageous weight limit applications. From versatile truck scales to grain dump truck scales, Apollo Scale is the number one choice for a wide scope of cutting-edge weighing scales.

Apollo Trucking Scales

Why Choose Apollo Truck Scales?

There are many truck scales manufacturers on the market to choose from, but none provide high quality truck scale installation that gives accurate results to gauge the actual weight of the vehicle. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your next truck scale needs: They are made of high quality steel, they include a 20-year guarantee and their freedom of movement is what improves the Swing and Roll Mount.

Benefits of Choosing Apollo Scales

  • Manufactured keeping in mind the exhaustive use
  • The accuracy of Apollo Scales improves safety
  • Our truck scales prevent overloads and maladjustment in loading
  • Our goal is to promote trust among parties
  • Assists customers with recognizing and preventing equipment and wheel mishaps.
  • We are known for verifying all the necessary data in the transportation and logistics chain so that customers can depend on it.
  • We are known for producing dependable weigh solutions that are long lasting, reliable and accurate.

Apollo Trucking Services

Truck Scales for Sale

All Apollo NTEP-certified heavy duty truck scales for sale include a 10-year guarantee. Our guarantee showcases our trust that we have in the strength of our vehicle scales.

Truck Scales Manufacturers

Apollo Scales are the most trusted truck scales manufacturer and it because the Apollo Zeus certified truck scales use monstrous W24 x 117 lb/ft side rail beams.

Swing & Roll Mount

The freedom of movement is what distinguishes our Swing and Roll Mount. Each time a truck drives on and pulls off the truck scale, the mount self-focuses and is promptly prepared.

Axle Scales

Axle Scales are an lessor cost option than a full size truck scale. It is important to point out that Axle Scale are NOT Legal for Trade. They are most useful in determining axle weights to insure.

Pit Scales

In the early days of weighing, all scales were designed to be installed in deep concrete pits. However, with the changes made in modular construction, Apollo Scales is now able to install pit scales.

Pitless Scales

Pitless scales are generally a less expensive option as they require less upfront construction, however they do require more space with the need for approaches and ramps.

Look At Our Model Table Zeus

Model (Width options) Sections Capacity "r" Factor CLC
Zeus 1511-12' or 14' 2 150,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 2011-12' or 14' 2 150,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 2511-12' or 14' 2 150,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 3011-12' or 14' 2 150,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 3511-12' or 14' 2 150,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 4011-12' or 14' 3 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 5011-12' or 14' 3 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 6011-12' or 14' 3 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 7011-12' or 14' 3 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 8011-12' or 14' 4 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 9011-12' or 14' 4 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 10011-12' or 14' 4 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 11011-12' or 14' 5 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
Zeus 12011-12' or 14' 5 200,000 lb. 2.94 100,000 lb.
ZEUS XHD 2714 to 16' 3 200,000 lb. 5.00 200,000 lb.
ZEUS XHD 3014 to 16' 4 300,000 lb. 5.00 200,000 lb.
ZEUS XHD 3014 to 20' 4 400,000 lb. 5.00 200,000 lb.
ZEUS XHD 5414 to 20' 6 400,000 lb. 5.00 200,000 lb.
ZEUS XHD 6614 to 20' 6 400,000 lb. 5.00 200,000 lb.
ZEUS XHD 6614 to 20' 7 400,000 lb. 5.00 200,000 lb.
ZEUS XHD 7914 to 20' 8 400,000 lb. 5.00 200,000 lb.

No time consuming straps to install no flimsy roofing tin, c-deck is pre cut and included for concrete deck pour

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I can not believe how well our Apollo ZEUS 70x11 scale performs year in and year out. It has been 18 years and it never has required a single adjustment. The State guys says it's the best scale he's ever seen.

Jeff Sellmont


We had an 80x14 scale installed in 1998. In all the years, we only had one load cell replaced and the scale is still performing as if it were brand new.

John Wells


We had to do a lot of dirt work as the site was not level, but the Apollo crew came in and ran our dozer and got it all level and the scale looks and works great.

Spencer Johnson

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