What is Pitless Scales

The introduction of pitless scales commonly known as above-ground scales has been an evolutionary change in weighing truck loads. Unlike the traditional scales which demand a groove below it or even a depression in the ground where the scale platform can be accommodated, the pitless scales are installed above the ground surface. The flexibility and efficiency in the truck weighing process have been made possible by this innovation which has opened new prospects in several industries. Pitless scales take less effort to install and are cost-saving for businesses that need to measure truckloads for efficient operation on a day-to-day basis. These scales are used in different industries such as agriculture, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, construction, etc. Companies in these industries opt for pitless scales according to their operational needs and accommodation space.

Pitless scales are not a new and fresh way to measure loads. Earlier, weights were measured using pit scales mainly in farms and factories. The scales had platforms that were recessed, which meant that they could be readily loaded or unloaded, thus suitable in different settings. The necessity for dynamic and space-saving weighing solutions, however, increased with time as the industries started evolving. This was a major development during the shift from pit scales to pitless scales. Pitless scales are newer and more convenient than pit scales, and they benefit companies more than the latter. Their applications are just the same as pit scales, that is measuring truck weights, for efficient business operations.

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Benefits Of Choosing Pitless Scales

Time Efficient Installation

Pitless Scales are installed above the ground’s surface this makes them easy to install as they are just placed on a flat surface in order to function properly. This saves a lot of time for the companies as fitting these scales requires no digging of large pits. This process is quicker than pit scales and leads to seamless installation in no time.

Cost Effective

Opting for pitless scales has proved to be a very cost-effective solution for businesses, as it requires less time and effort, the process of digging a pit requires more expenses, which is absent in the case of pitless scales. Companies save a lot of expenses by opting for these scales as the installation cost is minimized as compared to a pit scale.

Easy Maintenance

Pitless scales have an edge over the old classic pit scales, which is they are easier to maintain. Because of the absence of a pit, less effort is needed for repairs and maintenance, which helps in saving both money and time.


These scales are not fixed to the ground, they are just placed on the surface. So they can be moved if businesses plan to relocate at some point in time. These scales are transportable and require less space to install and start operating.


Pit Scales are versatile and are used for multiple purposes in different industries. These are used to measure raw materials, trucks, other vehicles, heavy machinery, etc. These are an even platform on which you can place a heavy object to acquire precise readings.

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