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We, Apollo Scales are here with our range of railroad scales redefining the true meaning of precision for you. Get the most accurate rail weight scale reading with railroad track scales made by us. Our train scales come with a robust build which is assured to serve you for a lifetime. Equipped with the most high-quality and premium designs our rail weigh scale displays a symbol of strength and accuracy.

When you think about accuracy, you think about Apollo Scales. We are ready to serve you with the best quality rail scale in the country. We are a family business and have been serving in this industry for more than 20 years. We are entrusted as a leading rail scale manufacturing company. We are 100% reliable, our clients trust our products and services because we offer them the best quality in the market.

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Our Products


  • 100,000 lb ton gross capacity

  • 85 ton sectional capacity
  • 12 ft 6 in, 15 ft, 18 ft and 25 ft module sizes available
  • 7 ft 8 in platform width

  • With Surge protection kit

  • Built-in conduit runs available
  • 1/4 in bolted checkered steel top plate available
  • Designed for 115 lb and 132 lb rail
  • Longitudinal and lateral checking assemblies with top access
  • 100K CSP1-100K load cells

  • Lightning and surge suppression kit

  • Rail clips for deck

  • Anti-creep angles

  • Low-profile, above-grade installation
  • Load cells accessible from sides of scale
  • Copper transient bypass cables

  • In-bridge conduit runs

  • NTEP Certified, CC#02-087
  • Accuracy is 0.1% in accordance with NIST, AAR and AREMA requirements *Accuracy is based on rail cars uncoupled at both ends


  • 200 gross capacity

  • 200-ton sectional capacity

  • There are platform lengths of 66, 70, 72, 75, and 80 feet available.

  • 4 feet 9 inches in height

  • Manhole access; 7-8 in. concrete deck

  • Made to fit both 115- and 132-pound rails

  • Assemblies for longitudinal and lateral inspection

  • Compression load cells CSP1-200 K

  • Hub fittings for conduit at every load cell

  • Kit for suppressing lightning and surges

  • Deck rail clips

  • angles that prevent creeping in

  • Transient bypass wires made of copper

  • conduit goes inside bridges

  • Accredited by NTEP, CC#00-019

  • Meets Cooper E-80 and AAR design requirements

Types Of Railroad Scales

Fixed Rail Scales

permanently fixed and cannot be moved to another place. The best thing about these scales is that they are very stable, which is why companies prefer them. High stability is achieved due to a very robust as well as a durable build. No matter how much weight you put on them, these scales are sure to last you for a lifetime.

In-motion Rail scales

These scales come with a very distinctive feature and that is you do not have to stop the goods train in order to weigh the loads. You can keep the vehicle in motion while these in-motion rail scales made by Apollo Scale will provide the most accurate weight reading of your freight. There is no fixed speed of the vehicle to measure weight, rail cars can be at various speeds while these scales serve their sole purpose.

Portable Rail Scales

The best thing about these scales is their portability. Portable Rail Scales can be instantly installed and dismantled without any hassle. Portable Rail Scales from Apollo Scales ensure high-precision weighing and durable performance. If you are a business, that requires you to move from one place to another to fulfill your business operations, these portable scales are the right choice for you. While these scales are small in size, doesn’t mean they lack durability and might get damaged easily, our premium quality build, ensures a long lifespan for these too as the other counterparts.

Volumetric Rail Scales

‘Uniqueness’ is what defines these scales. Volumetric Rail Scales unlike other railroad scales use a very distinctive method to measure weight. They use laser technology to scan the volume of the payload on the rail cars and calculate weight according to the same. This is the most advanced technology to measure freight. Volumetric rail scales from Apollo Scales are assured to deliver accuracy right to your screen. These scales can measure weight much faster than the static scales, that is they can measure weight while the rail cars slowly pass under the scanner of these scales. The use of laser technology to deliver precise measurements is what defines a volumetric rail scale.

Apollo Scales is here at your service to get you the most cutting-edge railroad scales for your business. We believe in innovation which is why we have a collection of the latest varieties of railroad scales. We know that in this industry accuracy is of the utmost importance, that is what defines Apollo Scales added with a robust build to last you for a long time. Get the most superior quality railroad scales from Apollo Scales.

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