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digital truck scale

Weighing With On Board Digital Truck Scales

Are looking to upgrade the old-gen analog truck scales to the technologically advanced digital truck scales. We at Apollo Scales bring our finest range of digital truck scales at your service. Times are rapidly changing, and the demand and dependency on digital weighing systems are increasing day by day. It is time for you to upgrade to these future-proof weighing instruments instead of sticking to the old and less accurate truck weighing scales.

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Why Are Digital Scales Better For Your Business?

Digital truck scales are beneficial for your business as they are more accurate, need less maintenance, are much faster in providing data than their obsolete counterparts, and increase the efficiency of your daily weighing operations. Doesn’t matter whether you are upgrading to the newer digital scales or looking to buy one for the very first time, we at Apollo Scales are here to walk you through, why you should move ahead with our finest range of digital truck scales.

Faster Diagnosing:

With digital truck scales detecting and diagnosing faults or failures becomes quicker, as they are computerised. Indications light up when a faulty part is found, and data can be accessed through the computer associated with the scale itself. This data can also be accessed remotely, which is possible due to the advanced software integrated into the system. You can monitor each load cell individually on the monitor for any potential damage.


In case of adverse weather conditions like lightning and thunder, these scales provide the highest protection from lightning strikes due to transient suppression circuitry which might be located in each load cell of the scale. In case the load cell is damaged due to some reason it does not have to be replaced just a cable might be changed.


Manual diagnostics can be a very tedious process for you but with digital truck scales you do not have to worry about that anymore. These scales are fully automated, and they help save time by detecting faults instantly, thus saving you time manually looking for errors and getting them fixed. Now you can seamlessly carry out your business operations without having to worry about long hours of downtime.


The best thing about digital truck scales is that they are much more feasible to maintain than analog scales. Quick diagnosis from remote diagnostic software reduces guesswork by finding the cause of the issue. Simple load cell wiring layout for quicker maintenance times. Digital load cells are “plug and play” and come already calibrated for easy replacement. Ensure that the scale indicator is wired correctly to the Junction box. Make sure the scoreboard is properly wired. Improperly wired scoreboards can cause inaccurate readings. You can perform a regularly scheduled washdown to prevent debris from accumulating in the load cell. Steel decks are easier to clean under compared to concrete decks. Time is money and every business in this world wants to save it as much as possible, this has become a reality with digital truck scales.

Why Choose Apollo Scales?

We are the most reliable and renowned truck-scale manufacturing company. We make top-quality digital truck scales for you, we at Apollo Scales promise you full satisfaction and no regrets, after purchasing our truck scales products and services. Choosing Apollo Scales is a wise choice you will make and here’s why:

Most Trusted: We are the most trusted company in the U.S. Apollo Scales is a family-owned truck scales manufacturing company, and we have served many clients in the U.S. and across the oceans. We deliver our products with full honesty and transparency; all we care about is your company’s prosperity.

Experience: We have been in this business for more than 20 years now and have taken all kinds of challenges one can think of when it comes to making truck scales for you. We have well-trained and experienced staff who have been serving with us in this industry, delivering happiness to our customers.

Assured Quality: Our digital truck scales are built with the most premium quality materials and have a tough build that can last you for a lifetime. All our truck scales are NTEP-certified (National Type Evaluation Program). Our products come with a guarantee of 10 years, delivery precision, and high-quality operations on a regular basis. Our obsession with providing you with high-accuracy scale products makes them reliable for your business requirements.

Expert Staff: We have the finest professionals serving under one goal which is your satisfaction. They work tirelessly to make you the best truck scales with the highest quality precision and durability. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience in this industry which enable them to deliver fine quality services to you.

Client Satisfaction: Our aim is to make you happy with our services. Our services are futile without your satisfaction. We at Apollo Scales, work tenaciously to bring a smile to your face delivering you assured quality, durability, and precision with our finest range of truck-scale products. It is your fulfillment that motivates us to give our best in this industry.

Clientele: We have served and satisfied many clients across the U.S. and the globe; our clients' positive feedback serves as a testament to our best-in-class services. Throughout the years we have served diverse customers from all around which has given us the experience of improving our methods and technologies, for delivering the best products to you.

After-sales services: All our truck scales are pre-calibrated, before delivery. We provide scheduled after-sales services, and regular calibration services for your truck scale. Our products come with a guarantee of 10 years, and we promise to serve you with our best-in-class services, assuring accuracy and durability that will last you for a lifetime.

Apollo Scales takes pride in serving wonderful customers like you. We promise to make you the best digital truck scales in the industry. All we care about improving your business’s operations saving you time and money and maximizing your profitability. Your prosperity is very crucial to us, we are your trusted partner.

Give us a call let’s upgrade you to the digital future.

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