Survivor OTR Concrete Deck Truck Scales

Survivor OTR Concrete Deck Truck Scales

These tough-build OTR Concrete decks are made to survive the toughest situations. Our Survivor OTR Concrete deck truck scales are built to federal bridge standards. The full six-inch thick reinforced concrete deck of the OTR encases hundreds of 3/4-inch shear studs welded to the supporting 6-inch I-beams, creating a monolithic 12-inch-thick rigid weighbridge. The concrete deck design incorporates galvanized steel sheets working in conjunction with I-beams to ensure that concrete remains above the neutral axis of the weighbridge. Concrete functions best when it remains above the neutral axis in a compression application. Flexing from tension loading can damage any concrete that extends below the neutral axis. The eventual cracks caused by this flexing would lead to the wreckage of the deck and might rupture the scale adversely. These OTR Concrete decks are perfect for resisting corrosion and rust and mostly require less maintenance than ordinary steel decks, which extends the life span of these scales.

A concrete surface yields better traction in wet and icy conditions. Because of their design, concrete decks distribute the load over a wider area than steel decks. The concrete is reinforced with steel rods and a minimum of two wide-flange main beams and seven wide-flange beams below.

All Survivor scales come with a complete surge voltage protection system. The entire system is grounded to a single-point grounding system connected to the power ground. With the introduction of single-point grounding, you will not experience the loss of load cells associated with other competitive designs.

Feature Of Survivor OTR Concrete Deck Truck Scales

Top access to load cells and junction box

  • Access to load cells and junction box
  • These concrete scales have 75,000lb capacity load cells and G-Force mount assemblies
  • These are NTEP Certified
  • 100,000lb Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)
  • 100,000lb Dual Tandem Axle (DTA)
  • Up to 270,000lb full-scale capacity
  • 6 inch thick concrete deck
  • Three standard widths: 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft (available up to 16.5ft)
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