The Different Types of Truck Scales Available For Industrial Use

In this blog, we will be discussing the various types of industrial truck scales that are available for use in various industries. From heavy-duty floor-certified scales near me to portable options, we will explore the different features and capabilities of each type of scale. 

Additionally, we will delve into the importance of using industrial truck scales and the benefits they provide for businesses in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and safety. 

Whether you are in the manufacturing, logistics, or agriculture industry, industrial truck scales are an essential tool for measuring and managing the weight of your products and materials. With the right used truck scale for sale, you can improve your operations and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Heavy Capacity Floor Scales.

So a certified scale near me that weighs 20,000 pounds will work for you? You're probably thinking by this point that we completely forgot about the men who had to weigh 50,000-pound coils of steel. Up to 60,000 lb can be weighed with on-scale decks as tiny as 5' x 5' and 10-3/4" above the ground.

Obviously, these aren't your standard floor truck weight scales near me. Simple floor scales will be of the foot type, which means that they sit on conventional feet and are fastened to the ground. Things that have 50,000 lb weights placed on them frequently move. Because of this, these are produced using the bolted foot design. A cradle is necessary for a coil scale to function. the component that rests on the deck and keeps the coil from rolling


Before even giving you a photo, U-Scales will probably have already created an image in your imagination of what these look like. These are designed to eliminate any inconvenience or space issues ramps may cause. These will enable you to use a pallet jack to maneuver a lifted pallet onto the vehicle scales near me, where you can then place the cargo down to gather weight.

There are alternatives to these kinds of scales as well. With Wide Leg Kits, the U-Scales has to offer can support wider loads. With the addition of an optional load plate that can be placed on top of the legs, they can even be transformed into a full floor scale. However, these versions will only support a maximum weight of 5,000 lbs.

Portable Industrial Floor Scales.

Some truck scales do, however, also exist in a portable form. With the addition of swivel/locking casters in the corners, this scale uses the same "side rail" construction as the static version and can be moved to wherever it is needed.

These types of floor scales come in quite helpful when it would be preferable to store them somewhere else than where they will be used. "Portable" refers to a device that is typically used for applications without a dedicated weighing space. On some scales, though, ramps are not a concern. These are pre-equipped with a ramp on either one or both sides.

The ramps are separated in the middle, making it simpler to move the scale by pulling them up on the hinges into their portable position. The drawback of these scales is that due to structural integrity, the capacity of the scale decreases as you move lower in profile.

Common used truck scale for sale has a maximum weight capacity of 20,000 pounds. Low-profile scales like the PUA574/579 reduce the maximum capacity to 10,000 lb, while some scales reduce it to 5,000 lb, which is just half as much. Limiting the term "portable" to scales with casters would be overly simplistic.

By attaching the scale to the forklift frame using forklift channel frames, the scale may be moved to a different site with ease. And once more, the majority of fundamental scales come with a forklift frame. By attaching the scale to the forklift frame using forklift channel frames, the scale may be moved to a different site with ease. And once more, the majority of fundamental scales come with a forklift frame.

Floor scales with high precision.

Any of the floor scales above will often yield a resolution that is 5,000 divisions authorized and 10,000 divisions non-NTEP approved. However, there are situations when you require something with slightly more accuracy and capacity.

The maximum capacity of the PFK988 and PFK989 models is above 6,000 lb with 600,000 divisions. The readability is 6,000 lb x.01 lb in this case. Or we could use a base that could support 500 lbs. The readability would be 500 lb x.001 lb.

These are also available in mild steel or stainless steel, much like basic vehicle weight scales near me. Additionally, the same add-ons like QuickPit frames and ramps are still available as options.

We're Ready to Assist

Keep in mind that there are other truck weight scales near me available for weighing pallets, drums, or totes in addition to floor scales. There are alternatives, such as pallet truck and forklift scales, if you require a weight for straightforward transport or storage but don't have or don't want to take up the area with a floor scale.

It's crucial to determine how the floor scale will be used and accessed before deciding on the type you require.

  • - Is a pallet jack required for access?

  • - Do you require ramps?

  • - Is there space for ramps?

  • - Does it have to move or may it remain stationary?

  • - How should the vehicle scales near me be removed?

  • - Is it near any dangerous areas?

The main influence on the price of the vehicle weight scales near me and the return on investment you'll get from it will come from choosing the appropriate scale for the application. You're in luck since the folks at a Truck Scale Provider know what to look for and how to find it.