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Because the Apollo Zeus certified truck scales use enormous W24 x 117 lb/ft side rail beams, Apollo Scales is the USA's top truck scale manufacturer of certified truck scales. The main shaft spines are 12.8 inches broad and.850 inches thick at 24 inches high, with a web that is.550 inches thick. Our nearest competitor employs the same W24 side rail beam as us, but it weighs significantly less per foot—only 76 lbs.—has flanges that are 8.9 inches wide and.68 inches thick, and its web is 20% thinner—only .440 inches thick. Heavy W8 cross-member beams connect the main beams of the Apollo Zeus certified truck scales for sale.

The 100,000 lb. heavy-duty certified weight scales engineering design connection is completed by employing grade 8 bolts on an 8"x8"x3/4" steel plate welded to the cross member ends. After being connected to the main weighbridge beams, these plates on the cross members. Our Apollo Zeus weighbridge is constructed in the same manner as the bridges on our interstates making it the best scale from truck scale manufacturers in the USA. For increased motorist safety, our highway bridge design incorporates a security side rail that is 18 inches above the concrete steel deck.

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Introducing the Heaviest Certified Weight Scales

The main beams of truck scale manufacturers like Apollo Zeus do not need to be notched out in order to fit our Swing and Roll mounting system, keeping the strength and integrity of the weighbridge with regard to the scale installation from truck scales manufacturers. Some of our rivals who make certified weight scales do this to make up for their abnormally big mounting systems, which also causes low-weight bridge clearance and makes cleaning below the scale practically impossible. We offer a 10-year weighbridge warranty for our truck weighing scale because of the strength and durability of our heavy side rail beam weighing systems. The Apollo Zeus is made by the best truck scale manufacturers in the USA and is built to hold its own against the opposition. The warranty that we offer isn’t offered by many truck scale manufacturers in the USA.

So when it comes to the best certified truck scales for sale, go for the best truck scale manufacturers in the industry- ApolloScales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certified weight scales have undergone rigorous testing and calibration to meet industry standards, ensuring accurate weight measurements for legal and commercial purposes.

A certified weight scale should have a certification label or stamp from a relevant regulatory authority indicating its compliance with accuracy and quality standards.

Certification provides assurance of accurate measurements, compliance with regulations, and credibility for businesses involved in transactions based on weight.

While certification indicates initial accuracy, regular calibration is still essential to maintain precision and compliance over time.

Yes, certified weight scales are suitable for trade transactions involving the sale of goods by weight, as they provide accurate measurements that both parties can trust.

The frequency of recalibration depends on usage and regulations. Generally, it's recommended to recalibrate certified scales annually or as mandated by local laws.

Yes, certification levels can vary based on regional standards. Some scales may have legal-for-trade certification, which is crucial for commercial transactions involving weight.

While user calibration features may be available, it's advisable to have certified professionals conduct calibration to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Upgrading a non-certified scale to certified status might be possible, depending on the scale's design and components. Consult with experts to determine feasibility.

Regulatory bodies or metrology organizations in your region will provide information about certification standards and requirements for weight scales.