Apollo Scales offers two types of truck scale installations; turnkey truck scale installations, which Apollo's crew provides start to finish installation to the truck scale's operational start up, and supervised truck scale installations, which has Apollo providing one supervisor to assist, instruct, and oversee your labor crew for the truck scale installation.  This allows the truck scale buyer to provide some labor and/or equipment which results in significant savings and lower overall job costs for your truck scale purchase.

Apollo Zeus' truck scale foundation plans cut no corners.  Aggregate is placed beneath the cleanout slab to assist in expansion.

Apollo Zeus' piers are deep with a minimum of 4 layers of rebar.  A typical pier will require about 8 yards of 4,000 psi concrete.

In more Northern climates, truck scale piers are designed to reach frost limits like this 5 foot deep pier in Wyoming for tanker truck scale.

This is a truck scale foundation over and around an existing pit scale.  We cap the old pit scale deck.  This eliminates the extra expense of demo and fill of the old pit scale.

A typical 70'x11' truck scale foundation will use approximately 50 yards of 4,000 psi concrete. The Apollo Zeus truck scale foundation uses more concrete in our truck scale construction and installation.


Our Apollo Zeus truck scales provide a sloped concrete clean-out slab to allow drainage across the truck scale foundation while maintaining level piers.

Our truck scale deck drive height is 19-7/8" above the scale foundation. Note the 15" of side rail protection on the tractor's drive axles. The Apollo Zeus truck scale is one of the safest in the weighing industry.

The Apollo Zeus truck scale foundation clearance is 10-7/8" to allow easy clean out access beneath the scale. Many manufacturers only meet minimum clearances that vary from 8", 5", or 4".

Our management provides industry solutions like installing a dump pit between (2) 35 ft. scales allowing bottom dump trailers to unload while on the truck scale.

Another view of the pit between the (2) 35 ft. truck scales.  The grating and conveyor are yet to be installed for an outside grain pile at this grain scale facility.

Apollo finds solutions.  (2) 90 ft. truck scales recessed in a warehouse pit to load containers on a fixed conveyor.  Truck drives forward while on the truck scale.

The concrete steel deck uses precut heavy gauge galvanized material to support the 4,000 psi drive truck scale deck. Same concept as a highway bridge design for our truck scales.

Standard level approaches to meet State regulations.  These are 10'x13' on an Apollo Zeus 70'x11' in Kansas.  This will be a scrap metal scale.

Precut #5 (5/8") rebar is spaced 12" on center and tied to 3/4"x6" welded studs on the crossmembers. The C-Deck supports the concrete. No time consuming straps nor additional cost for flimsy roofing tin.

The Apollo Zeus 80'x12' in use in Nebraska with optional concrete ramps extending from the 10'x14' wide approaches on this truck scale.

Concrete ramps are available as an option over dirt/aggregate ramps. This is an Apollo Zeus 110'x12' in Idaho used to accomodate the trailers with pups on this truck scale.

The Apollo Zeus Model is the Truck Scale that Sells Itself

One of Apollo's primary method for sales is to install a truck scale in a new territory and let the truck scale sell itself.  An Apollo Zeus 80'x14' was installed in Huron, at a local agriculture business, located in the eastern part of South Dakota.  It did not take long for Apollo to receive additional inquiries from within that region about the Apollo Zeus model. The result was a great expansion of our truck scale product within a small radius.  Look below at the additional Apollo Zeus scales in the area and their locations.   That is just one example of how Apollo Zeus has impacted a general area and made its mark in the weighing industry.  These buyers called Apollo Scales.  Make the call (888-394-5006) and you too can see why these customers realize Apollo Scales and the Apollo Zeus truck scale are Weigh above the Rest.